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Blog Categories

Board Capacity Building

  • Strengthening board composition (indirectly, by influencing appointments and encouraging interest)
  • Strengthening board members’ governing knowledge and skills
  • Updating/refining board structure (committees; board meeting format and schedule)
  • Processes to engage board members actively in key governing areas – e.g., strategic and operational planning/budgeting; performance monitoring – and in important non-governing volunteer work – e.g., image building; external/stakeholder relations

Board-CEO Involvement in External Relations/Resource Development

  • Image update/branding
  • External communication/advocacy
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Financial resource development (especially local tax support)

Board-CEO Involvement in Innovation/Change Management

  • Values/vision/mission updates
  • Strategic issues
  • Change initiatives
  • Change implementation

Board-CEO Relationship

  • Role differentiation
  • Communication/interaction guidelines
  • Relationship management techniques
  • Board chair-CEO relationship
  • Board evaluation of CEO performance

Board-Savvy CEOs

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge/traits/skills
  • Roles: in board development; design of board engagement processes that foster board members’ ownership; board-CEO relationship building and relationship management
  • Providing board members with ego satisfaction

CEO Professional Growth

  • Self-knowledge and awareness
  • Knowledge acquisition (books; mentors; experience)
  • Career planning
  • Learning from failure
  • Spiritual dimension of growth (dealing with fear)
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