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Table of Contents

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Board Capacity Builder

Successfully Reining in Rogue Board Members

Don’t Let Silo Committees Trap You and Your Board Members

Developing Your Board’s Governing Capacity Isn’t a Piece of Cake

The CEO as Chief Board Developer: Part 2

The CEO as Chief Board Developer: Part 1

Turning Your Board Into a Cohesive Governing Team: Part 2

Turning Your Board Into a Cohesive Governing Team: Part 1

Board-Savvy CEOs Avoid Falling Into the Board Self-Assessment Trap

Peers Presenting to Peers: a Powerful Change Tool

Taking a Holistic Approach to Strengthening Your Board’s Culture

Learning – and Owning – By Doing: the MTA and STARS Experience

Make Sure Your Board Has Its Own Governing Mission

Another Insidious Foe To Avoid: Believing Board Committees Invite Micro-management.

“What makes women such effective board members?”

Strengthening Your Board’s Performance Management Is a Wise Investment

There’s a Right Way to Involve Your Board in Governance Self-Assessment

Don’t Get Caught In the Board Self-Assessment Trap

Bringing New Board Member On Board – The Right Way

What Can You Do About the Inevitable Centrifugal Force On Your Board?

Are Our Hands Really Tied That Tightly?

Turning the Governance Corner at BJCTA

Bringing Off a Path-Breaking BJCTA Board-Executive Work Session

Board Development By Design

Anything But Wimpy

Tips On Running a Successful Retreat

Board-CEO Involvement in External Relations/Resource Development

Don’t Emulate Poor Richard III: Protect Your Authority’s Image

How To Make Financial Reporting a High-Powered Relationship Building and PR Tool

Nashville MTA’s Innovative Budget Submission Pays Off Handsomely

CEOs Leading From Their Bully Pulpit

Board Members as Ambassadors-in-Chief Part 2: Your Image Vision

Making Sure Your Board Members Succeed as Ambassadors-in-Chief

Our Land of Opportunity – Still

A Case For Aggressive Image Building

Greenlight Pinellas: A Pothole on the Road to Ultimate Success

Bagging Three Big Feathered Friends

Getting Your Board Involved in Image Building

Widening Ownership of the TriMet Strategic Financial Plan

Adding Pizzazz and Power To Your Retreat

Board-CEO Involvement in Innovation/Change Management

The Creativity-Innovation Nexus: Part One of Our Creativity Series

Comet CEO John Andoh Wearing the Innovator-in-Chief Hat

What Makes Women Such Effective Board Members?

GM Jeff Knueppel Walks the Employee Engagement Talk at SEPTA

METRO’s CEO Tom Lambert: Consummate Innovator-in-Chief

Board Chair Trudy Bartley and CEO Joanna Pinkerton on Breaking the Traditional CEO Mold at COTA

Donna DeMartino: Playing the Chief Innocation Officer Role With Gusto at San Joaquin RTD

CEO Dave Genova on Getting Stakeholder Engagement Right at RTD-Denver

CEO Brad Miller’s Podcast on Tweaking PSTA’s Business Model

A Critical CEO Challenge: Updating Your Authority’s Business Model

Taking Re-Branding Up a Big Notch: Karen Philbrick on the MTI Experience

APTA’s Dynamic Leadership Duo Takes on the Mobility Management Issue

Dramatic Innovation on the Health and Wellness Front at IndyGo on CEO Michael Terry’s Watch

Blazing Trails on the Diversity and Inclusion Front at RTS

Making Sure Your Retreat Generates Powerful Outcomes

Cleveland’s Joe Calabrese: Innovator Par Excellence

Beware of Passionate Ownership of Mismanaged Change

Vision: Your Board’s Driver of Innovation and Change

Extraordinary CEOs Who Wear the Demystifier-in-Chief Hat

CEO Bill Carpenter On RTS’s Award Winning New Transit Center

Fear: the Insidious Foe of Positive Organizational Change

Stakeholders as Partners in Innovation: Real-Life Cases

The Dallas Streetcar: Intergovernmental Collaboration At Work

Karen Philbrick On the Mineta Transportation Institute

Michael Melaniphy on 21st Century Leadership Challenges

The CEO/GM as Innovator-In-Chief, Featuring GCRTA’s Joe Calabrese

Fulfilling a Broader Vision

Board-CEO Relationship

Board Evaluation of CEO Performance Can Be a Powerful Relationship Builder

Why We Wrote Building a Solid Board-CEO Partnership

The Prohibitive Cost of a Weak Board-CEO Partnership

Emerging New CEO Governing Model

The Captain of Your Strategic Governing Team

Governing Isn’t a Piece of Cake

Not Much Glamour-But What Looks Like a Sow’s Ear is Really a Silk Purse

CEO Doug Allen Keeps a Close Eye on His Preeminent Stakeholders at VRE

Aurora Jackson: A Consummate Chief Governing Relationship Manager

Beware of the Passive-Reactive Board

Get Your Board-CEO Retreat Right

Cementing the Partnership With Your Board

Turning Board Evaluation of the CEO Into a More Powerful Relationship Building Tool

Don’t Forget Your Board Chair’s Paycheck

Don’t Allow Yourself to Get Caught in the “Policy Governance” Trap

5 Facts of Life in the Rapidly Evolving “Field” of Public Transit Governance

David Stackrow, Master of the Governing Game, on the Board Chair-CEO Partnership

Time to Update and Fine-Tune Your CEO Leadership Resolutions

Discussing Board Committees at APTA’s Transit Board Members Seminar on July 24

Aurora Jackson: a Board-Savvy CEO at the Helm at Lane Transit District

Don’t Let Your Board Beat You To the Punch

Don’t Wait Until the 11th Hour To Do Succession Planning

Make Sure Your Board Does a Really Good Job of Evaluating Your Performance

CDTA’s David Stackrow and Carm Basile on the Board Chair-CEO Partnership

Surviving and Thriving With Your First Board: 3 Tips for CEO-Aspirants

Don’t Fall Into the Policy Governance Trap

Boosting Your Board’s Self-Esteem

Not Much Glamour – But This Apparent Sow’s Ear Is Really a Silk Purse

Another Insidious Foe To Watch Out For

Beware of Those Insidious Foes That Can Do You In

Carm Basile and Steve Bland On Getting Ready To Work With a Board

Tending To Your Preeminent Stakeholder

Non-Monetary Compensation Part II: A Costly Missed Opportunity

Use Non-monetary Compensation To Cement the Relationship With Your Board Chair

CEOs Susan Meyer and Gary Thomas on Board-CEO Communication and Interaction

BJCTA Takes a Big Step Toward a Solid Board-CEO Partnership

Meeting the Relationship Challenge

Steve Bland and Nat Ford On the Board Chair-CEO Partnership

Clear Board Chair Leadership Targets

Learn From a Dynamic Board Chair-CEO Duo

Surviving and Thriving As a CEO/GM

Board Savvy CEOs

Caveat Emptor: an Axiom All Ready Board-Savvy CEOs Take to Heart

Demonstrating Your Board Savvyness

How Are You Doing as Your Board’s Chief Governing Partner?

The Board Savviness of CEO Candidates Critical To a Solid Board-CEO Relationship

Two More Tips For Transit CEO-Aspirants

How Ironic – and Dangerous!

CEO Professional Growth

Thoughts on True Humility and Senator John McCain

VIA’s Jeff Arndt: Connecter-in-Chief Extraordinaire

The CEO-COO Partnership: Powerful Benefits But a Real Challenge to Make It Work

It’s Never Been Easier to Publish Your Own Book, So Go For It!

Nat Ford on Hitting the Ground Running As a New CEO

COTA’s CEO Curtis Stitt Reflects on Chief Executive Leadership

The Chief of Staff Alternative To a Chief Operating Officer

Have You Considered Adding a Chief Operating Officer To Your Executive Team?

Six Hats that Extraordinary Transit CEOs Wear

Two Extraordinary CEOs Still Traveling the Continuous Leadership Improvement Road

What’s In Your CEO Professional Growth Portfolio?

Beware of the Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome

Craft Your Own CEO Mission Statement


The Prohibitive Cost of a Weak Board-CEO Partnership

Governing Isn’t a Piece of Cake

Board Chair Trudy Bartley and CEO Joanna Pinkerton on Breaking the Traditional CEO Mold at COTA

Discussing Board Committees at APTA’s Transit Board Members Seminar on July 24

Communication is Key

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