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Tag: board-ceo partnership

Demonstrating Your Board Savvyness

February 9, 2018 0 Comments

Experience has taught me – and I’m sure many if not most of this blog’s readers – that the more board-savvy its CEO, the more effective a transit board is likely to be as a governing body and the more favorable the odds of building a rock-solid board-CEO partnership that can withstand the inevitable stresses and strains that come with leading a modern transit system. So transit boards have a big stake in recruiting CEOs whose governing intelligence is well developed.  This is certainly a point I strongly made in the program I co-presented with Dave Stackrow, APTA Vice Chair, … Read the rest

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Carm Basile and Steve Bland On Getting Ready To Work With a Board

February 3, 2016 0 Comments

The January 27 post at this blog – “How Ironic – and Dangerous!” – talks about how little attention has been paid to helping senior public transportation executives who are CEO-aspirants get ready to work with a board. This is really ironic when you consider that the single most important factor determining a public transportation CEO’s success – and longevity at the helm – is the board-CEO partnership, which is always fragile in the best of times. As I observe in the article, for every board-CEO relationship I’ve seen come to grief because of an operational performance problem, resulting in … Read the rest

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CEOs Susan Meyer and Gary Thomas on Board-CEO Communication and Interaction

February 4, 2015 1 Comment

Keeping the board-CEO working relationship on an even keel and healthy over the long run is a major challenge. Just the fact that strong-willed people with robust egos have to be melded into enough of a team to do the extremely complex and demanding work of governing is challenging enough, but other factors tend to make the board-CEO partnership inherently fragile and prone to erode quickly if not diligently managed. For one thing, the high-pressure atmosphere at the top of your transportation authority, where high-stakes and often tremendously thorny issues are addressed – frequently with intense public scrutiny – tends … Read the rest

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